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Rosland Capital Review: Are They Worth Investing With?

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Since 2008, Rosland Capital has been a company that sells precious metals and helps its customers set up their own precious metals iRA accounts. Though the company has been around for quite some time, they do have many negative reviews online. As such, it’s crucial to figure out if this is a company worth handling your investments.

The short version of the story is that there’s nothing that this company does that’s so special that you can’t find it with a company that is less negatively reviewed. With that said, it is important to look at what this company can do for its customers to make that decision for yourself.


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About  Rosland Capital

Precious metals have been rising in price in recent years, largely thanks to feelings of uncertainty about the economy at large and the stock market in particular. Many people still remember the stock free-fall of 2008 and are looking for ways to keep their money safe even if the market retakes a turn. Then, it makes sense that so many people would be attracted to this relatively stable investment.

Rosland Capital is a company that helps consumers to invest in precious metals. They have gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for sale in both coin and bar form. The company also helps buyers set up their own precious metals IRAs to save money towards retirement and protect their wealth for the future.

Precious metals IRAs are a special retirement savings account that allows individuals to hold precious metals like gold in their accounts. This kind of account is used both as a hedge against inflation and as a tool to protect wealth against being impacted by the wild downward swings that are more common in other types of investments.

Rosland currently only offers its precious metals IRAs to residents of the United States, as this type of account is specifically only available under US law. The company does, however, make precious metals available to buyers outside the country. International clients who can buy from Rosland include Germany, Hong Kong, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

What Services Do They Offer?

Many companies offer precious metals IRAs, which makes Rosland less unique than you might think. Like many companies in this market, they put a great deal of emphasis on making sure that their clients are educated. For the most part, this means making sure that their sales representatives and specialists are well-versed in the workings of precious metals IRAs.

The vast majority of customers who look at these accounts see them as a way to protect their money against changes in the economy. Whether past recessions have spooked them or they look at the current economy and see a degree of volatility with which they are not comfortable, these investors want to keep their money somewhere that feels safe.

Rosland’s representatives are primarily there to help make sure that their customers can make the precious metals choices that make the most sense for their plans. Every investor is a little bit different, but Rosland does go out of their way to ensure that their investors only invest in products that meet the regulations set up by the IRS.

Coins and Bullion

Not everyone who invests in precious metals is looking to set up a retirement account. If you’re looking to make a better short-term profit or you simply want to hang on to your metals yourself without having to worry about IRS regulations, you might want to start by looking at buying precious metals for your collection.

While it certainly isn’t as safe to store precious metals at home as it is to store them in an IRS-approved facility, there are plenty of places where personal investors can store their items. Solo investors actually get more choices, as they can keep their items in areas that might not be IRS-approved.

Rosland is mostly focused on selling gold, though the company can sell its customers silver coins as well as platinum and palladium bars. It should be noted, though, that the last two types of items are relatively rare.

Rosland also has a good selection of collectible coins. Though these coins can’t be stored in an IRA, they can still be quite valuable. These coins tend to have more value to collectors than they would to those who are simply looking at them as precious metals, which means that the value of some coins can skyrocket but that the value of others can drop precipitously.

Gold IRA

Setting up a gold IRA is a relatively simple process. Customers only have to follow three steps to set up their accounts, and the company’s representatives can walk you three each step while also letting you know exactly how much setting up the account will cost.

The first step you’ll need to take is to set up your IRA. This is a reasonably challenging task to do independently, especially because there is a great deal of regulatory paperwork to fill out.

Working with one of the specialists will significantly streamline this process. They will send you everything you need to sign, help to direct you to an IRA custodian, and even help you communicate with the third party during this process. You’ll quickly not only get everything filled out, find a good IRA custodian, and be ready to invest before you know it.

Once you have your account set up, you’ll move on to choosing assets. You’ll be able to take the funds you have put into your account and pick the precious metals you like, usually with the input of the experts at Rosland.

Finally, you’ll need to fund your buying account. You can roll over one of your existing IRAs or even fund the account from your savings, so you have a few options here.

Once you have all of your funding in place, Rosland will be able to complete your purchase and send your gold to its depository in Delaware. Rosland only has a single storage option, though, so it’s best to see if you feel comfortable with your metals being stored in this facility.

The good news is that Rosland does use segregated storage. Not only will your assets be kept away from those of others, but you and your custodian will be the only people who can access your assets.

This means that there’s a lower chance of theft or fraud, to say nothing of the fact that you can virtually eliminate the likelihood of administrative accidents. All of the gold in the facility is also insured against various natural disasters.

This is honestly all there is to set up an IRA. You will pay your custodian every month, and you’ll pay for storage and insurance, but that’s all you’ll have to do until the age of 72. Once you hit that age, you’ll have to take distributions either by removing your assets from storage or liquidating them and getting cash.

Though this process is easy, it’s also not unique. Virtually every other IRA company does something similar, so you can get the same kind of treatment from a company that you might trust more.

Fees for Investing

The good news is that Rosland’s investment fees are actually very transparent. Every investor can verify any fees that theythey will pay before making any purchase.

So, what are those fees?

It costs fifty dollars to set up your account. This is meant to pay for the expertise of the specialist who sets up your account and for the time spent doing all of the relevant paperwork. You will also pay two-hundred twenty-five dollars to cover the cost of your IRA custodian every year. You will also need ot make an initial investment of ten thousand dollars to open your account.

Customer Reviews

The good news is that the Better Business Bureau gives Rosland Capital an A+ Rating. The bad news, though, is that actual customers aren’t nearly so kind to the company. Of the reviews that we could find, the average was around one and a quarter stars. Trustlink reviews are a bit more mixed, with both positive and negative reviews present.

On the business front, though, the company’s reputation is a bit more clear. The Business Consumer Alliance gave the company an AAA rating, a fairly strong business reputation.

Real customers tend to have mixed experiences, however. Some really love working with the company, while others note that the company’s specialists are aggressive, that the people on the phone are often impolite, and that getting hold of a human is more complicated than it should be.

There are also a host of complaints on Ripoff Report against this company. All of these complaints are about the collectible coins, generally talking about the high level of mark-up that the company uses. This makes it harder for buyers to get coins and much harder for the buyers to make a profit off of them.

Unfortunately, this is common practice with collectible coins. Their market isn't as competitive as pure precious metals, so dealers have been known to inflate the prices artificially.

Specific Complaints

While the complaints above are predominantly general, there are some particular complaints here. Some of these complaints are marked as resolved, but the fact that they exist in the first place definitely raises a red flag. If a company has this level of specific issues, you know that you’re looking at trouble.

Now, it’s true that people are generally more motivated to leave bad reviews. The truth, though, is that most of the companies we recommend have hundreds or even thousands of excellent reviews. This, combined with the fact that Rosland’s resolutions aren’t often all that great, should leave most investors with serious questions.

So, what are the specific complaints against this company? The big one, of course, is that the collectible coin pricing seems predatory. Another is that the customer service specialists tend to be unhelpful, if not outright rude. There are complaints about delivery speed and complaints about items delivered being different than those that were ordered.

Currently, there are twenty-three specific logged complaints against this company, which is a truly astonishing number considering the size of the company and the state of the industry in general.

Unfortunately, some of the complaints come from Rosland’s marketing. Rosland, for example, claims to be the fastest shipper in the industry but their shipping times are actually around the same as the rest of the industry.

Rosland also has a problem with how it resolves complaints. When complaints are resolved, statistics have shown that only two of the thirteen clients got full refunds, while six received no adjustments whatsoever. This means that about half of the complaints get closed without any adjustment – which, for consumers, means that even complaining might not make your situation any better.

How To Get Started

Rosland Capital has more bad reviews than we like to see from any company that we recommend. With that said, we can tell you how to get started working with them.

You will start by going to the company’s website and filling out a contact form that indicates your interest in opening a gold IRA. Once that’s done, you’ll call the company so that you can discuss all of your funding options. From there, you’ll talk to a specialist who will walk you through the process of setting up your IRA.

Final Thoughts

If you take a bird's eye view of this company, you'll find a lot to like. They certainly have every service that you would want from a company in the world of precious metals IRAs, to say nothing of the fact that they boast of a fantastic staff that really can help even brand new investors set up accounts quickly. When coupled with a transparent fee structure, all this seems to make this a company worth watching.

When you get up close, though, the view of the company is less clear. Many customers have positive things to say about Rosland Capital, but many others have a far less positive set of experiences with the company.

The big difficulty here is that it's pretty hard to find reviews on this company online. When you can find them, though, you're going to see mostly negative reviews. These reviews tend to focus on customer service representatives that are unhelpful at best or on the fact that the company makes it incredibly difficult to get in contact with anyone in the first place.

Other reviews put a fairly negative spin on the way that the company sells collectible coins. These reviews point to high mark-ups and excessive commission rates that aren't communicated to buyers when they're trying to make their purchases. This, as you might imagine, is enough to make many customers unhappy. 

Alternatives for IRAs and Precious Metal Investing

While the reviews on Rosland Capital might be mixed, you don't have to work with a company that has a less-than-perfect reputation. It's always better to look for a company that you will feel comfortable trusting with your current money and the wealth you hope to generate in the future.

There are 5 companies you can purchase metals direct for your personal collection and/or open a gold IRA with, all of which have hundreds of 5 star reviews and an impeccable reputation in the industry. 

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