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Regal Assets Review: Is This Company Legit?

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Anyone new to the investing world may not have heard of a precious metals IRA. This type of IRA is a particular investing tool that lets you save for retirement as you hold on not to stocks and bonds but rather precious metals like gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.

Setting up a precious metals IRA requires the help of an established company to do so. Regal Assets is one of the leaders in this field, a company with a proven track record of helping clients with their precious metals investments and one of the few that can help those same clients add cryptocurrency investments to their portfolios.

While Regal Assets is a leader in this market segment, any good investor knows that they need to learn a little more about a company before they trust that company with their money. As such, we've put together some information that will tell you everything that you need to know about this firm, how they work, and whether this is the right company for you to trust.


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About Regal Assets

To say that Regal Assets is a well-regarded company in the financial services world is a bit of an understatement. The company recently ranked at the twentieth spot in the INC 500's financial services subsection, largely thanks to the incredible goodwill from those who have worked with them.

Why are clients so enamored with Regal Assets? A great deal of what customers like about the company definitely has to do with their reputation for letting customers make decisions themselves. 

There are no pushy salespeople here, nor are there strategies used to get investors to spend money in ways they don't like. Instead, the company prides itself on working together with its clients to ensure that every client can approach his or her account in a way that satisfies their investing needs.

Customers also tend to like that Regal Assets prices all of its products fairly compared to the competition. Not only is the pricing right, but the company is very transparent about how prices are determined and what kind of fees the company will charge for any transaction.

Is Precious Metals Investing a Good Idea?

Before you start thinking about investing with a company, you have to think about the investment itself. Precious metals are generally recommended by those financial experts who note that it's never a smart strategy to place all of your financial eggs in a single basket.

If you are like the millions of investors who put everything in the stock market, you risk losing it all if there's a crash or even a significant downturn. For many, even a minor adjustment can delay their retirement for years.

Investing in any kind of precious metal should be looked at as an attempt to keep at least a portion of your money safe. Most people put money in these investments because they are looking to diversify their portfolios and spread their wealth just in case something goes wrong in more traditional markets.

All of the precious metal options available for investment work well because they tend to be heavily in demand not only by other investors but also by the companies that use them in various pieces of technology. These metals not only tend to have some inherent value, but they tend to be well-trusted by those who are looking for a way to carry something of value in a world where currency like the Dollar might not always be stable.

As the demand for all of these metals rises, so too does their price. Given that there is only a finite supply of precious metals on the planet, the logical conclusion is that the price of any of the metals will continue to rise or at least stay stable compared to other types of investments.

Precious metals also make a wise investment for those who want to invest in something that can be liquidated quickly. Since all precious metals tend to stay in demand, it's not too hard to find a buyer quickly, which is especially useful in an emergency. You can sell off your metals fast and get that cash much quicker than with other types of investments.

Precious Metal IRAs

One of Regal Assets' specialties is helping clients with a process known as an IRA rollover. This process is simply taking a current retirement account and moving the money in that account directly to a precious metals IRA. Whether you're choosing to do a rollover or you're simply moving your money from a bank account, this company does a great job of making sure of letting customers know exactly how they benefit from using a precious metals IRA.

It's important to note that not every retirement account can be rolled over into an IRA. With that said, many popular account types (including 401(ks), 403(b)s, and TSPs) can be rolled over. Figuring out what kinds of accounts are eligible isn't always easy, though, so Regal Assets works to educate clients and help them understand exactly what they can do with their existing accounts according to IRS regulations. Once you've figured out what you can do, an account representative can help you fund your IRA.

Once your IRA is funded, you can move on to buying precious metals for your accounts. While most companies in this market have a small selection of coins or bars you can invest in, Regal Assets has a fairly comprehensive section of gold, silver, palladium, and platinum bars and coins. It is also obvious that all of the bars and coins they offer to their IRA customers meet the purity standards required by the IRS.

Regal IRAs

Regal Assets doesn't just work with traditional precious metals IRAs. Though those products can benefit many investors, some are looking for additional ways to diversify their portfolios. This is why they offer a product called the Regal IRA, a particular type of self-directed IRA that allows customers to invest in precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

Regal Assets is a leader in this field, as the company was one of the first to push into cryptocurrency investment. While cryptocurrencies are still fairly new in investing, the company makes some compelling arguments for adding them to your account.

As cryptocurrencies grow in popularity, so too does their price. As more people put more money into these currencies, they'll become more stable and become the type of place into which you can put your money. Getting into the investment side of crypto early seems like a solid way to diversify while still making a bit of a splash.

Though you can't quite invest in every cryptocurrency with Regal Assets, the company does an admirable job of offering all of the best-known cryptocurrencies and consistently growing its base of available products. In fact, the company openly asks its customers if there are any new coins they should offer to their investors.

If you're not particularly knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies, you don't have to worry about making mistakes. Regal's team works with customers to answer all of their questions and help them find the right products to add to their portfolios to meet all of their financial goals.

Packages for Investors

One of the more exciting services offered by Regal Assets is the ability to purchase investment packages. These packages tend to be aimed at investors who know they want to invest in precious metals or cryptocurrencies but who don't necessarily want to do the work of picking out individual investments. Instead, you can pick up a pre-determined set of investments that are designed to fulfill your goals.

Regal currently offers six different sets of these packages. Starting at five thousand dollars and going up to a quarter of a million dollars, each investment package includes metals and cryptocurrencies. Some of the packages can even be customized for those who want something that is a little more uniquely tailored to their needs.

If you're interested in how these packages work, it's generally a good idea to look at the first two packages. The five thousand dollar Merchant Package focuses on gold and silver and is designed for those looking for a place to stash money in case of a severe emergency. On the other hand, the Knighthood Package requires an investment of ten thousand dollars but still focuses on gold and silver. This is designed to cover emergency expenses for an entire family.

Other packages are designed more with investors in mind. These include the Legacy Portfolio, which has precious metals and cryptocurrencies and a twenty-five thousand dollar buy-in. The Kingship Portfolio costs fifty thousand dollars and consists of a mix of both products and the ability to customize what's in the package.

 Prominent investors are typically in favor of the last two packages. The Dynasty Portfolio has a price tag of one hundred thousand dollars. Still, it's an ideal retirement package that allows individuals to mix crypto and metals investments in one place. The final package, the Coronation Portfolio, costs a quarter of a million dollars and is designed for those with a significant net worth and are looking to create unique portfolios built on precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

Secure Storage Options

When you put your money in a precious metals IRA, the metals you buy can't be stored at home. Instead, they must be kept in an IRS-approved depository. While there are many options out there, it's always nice to know that Regal Assets works with some of the world's best.

Those who invest in metals without an IRA aren't required to work with a depository, though. You can certainly store them at home if that's your choice, but most investors note that it's usually wiser to keep their metals somewhere with a bit more security. 

So, where do individual investors keep their metals? Some choose a bank safe deposit box, but those investors should note that most banks can't insure your metals for the necessary total value amount. Regal Assets solves this problem by partnering with special storage facilities across the world that have excellent security and specialize in precious metals.

All of the companies with which Regal Assets work store your coins and bars separate from other investors. This segregated storage helps to ensure that your investments will never be confused with those of another.

Their storage solutions stand out because you're only charged a flat fee each year. Many companies charge based on the value of your portfolio, but working with a Regal partner makes the entire process more straightforward.

Summary of Key Features

The company offers gold, silver, palladium, and platinum bars and coins.

They are one of the pioneers in cryptocurrency investments.

The company is one of the few to allow individuals to hold both metals and cryptocurrencies in the same IRA.

Their investment packages are ideal for many types of investors.

The company has several great storage options available.

Pros and Cons


  • Regal Assets' investment packages are great for those looking for ways to save money for future emergencies.
  • Customers can hold not only all of the precious metals but also cryptocurrencies in a single account.
  • The company's segregated storage options are available for those who need extra security. 


  • The price of opening an IRA starts at five thousand dollars and only goes up from there.

Final Verdict

Simply put, Regal Assets is one of the best companies for those who are looking to invest in precious metals or cryptocurrencies. From their wide range of products to their investment packages that make investing more accessible, it makes sense that so many who have worked with this company have nothing but good things to say about their experience.

There are over a thousand gold dealers and Regal Assets made the top 5 list this year! The combination of high profile clients, solid product selection and good reviews helped them just crack their way in at #4. However, even with all of the great aspects of this company, there are 3 others who beat them out.

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