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Top 5 Precious Metals IRA Companies

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Has your patience run thin as you watch the stock market go up on Monday and drop on Tuesday, or follow your favorite index as it rises and falls like the ocean tides, with no rhyme or reason? If so, you've probably been wondering about how to add diversity to your long-term portfolio, or retirement funds, to shield your assets from all the crazy ups and downs of the market.

What's the answer? One solution to today's volatile stock market is an IRA that contains precious metals like gold and silver. In fact, you can set up a special kind of IRA that allows you to hold not only gold and silver in the account, but also platinum and palladium, legally and efficiently.

Why create a retirement account like that? Simply put, you get not only the tax advantages that come with IRAs but also the stability and security of owning precious metals. These kinds of IRAs are a win-win proposition for anyone who values a safe retirement portfolio.

When you decide to start shopping around for a company that can assist you with setting up an IRA that can hold precious metals, you'll be surprised by how many service providers there are in the niche. However, not all these companies are created equal.

In fact, many don't give their customers the attention, product selection, customer support, and full range of services necessary to create a legally sound precious metals IRA. Fortunately, several companies get the job done and have a proven track record within the industry.

Our research team set out to do an in-depth analysis of the top five players in the PM (precious metals) IRA segment. Below, you can see our comprehensive reviews and decide for yourself which one of the five is most closely suited to your investment needs, goals, and criteria.

Investing for retirement is serious business, and it's essential to know everything you can about the company you'll be working with. The following reviews can serve as a starting point for your research.

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Precious Metals IRA Company Reviews

How did Goldco earn the top spot in our list of the best five precious metals IRA companies? Here are the pertinent details. The company opened its doors over a decade ago with the goal of giving customers all the facts and knowledge to make informed decisions for metals-backed retirement accounts.

Not only is Goldco fully trusted by its customers, but they have earned the highest possible rankings from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the Business Consumer Alliance. All the major review sites online are evidence that the company's current and former customers are a highly satisfied group of folks.

Goldco's specialty, reflected by its name, is helping new investors set up gold-backed IRAs entirely in line with IRS rules and regulations. Not only does the Goldco team work with each new customer to personally deal with paperwork, but they'll also arrange wire transfers, shipment of metals to storage facilities, and everything else.

And, if your current IRA (if you already have one) is eligible for a rollover into a precious metals IRA, Goldco can take care of the transfer for you, so you need not worry about the transfer details.

The precious metals specialists you work with will ensure you're selecting from gold and silver bullion and coins of the correct purity to meet IRS rules. Plus, you'll still have an extensive menu of metallic items to choose from because Goldco's offerings are extensive.

Once you reach the legal age to make withdrawals from the IRA, Goldco offers you the choice of having cash or metals delivered directly to you. Additionally, before you make any withdrawals, Goldco's team carefully packs, ships, and insures your metals as they make their way to the storage facility.

Finally, any Goldco customer can choose at any time to purchase non-IRA metals as personal assets for investment purposes. In that case, the company will ship them directly to you. To learn more about what kinds of metals Goldco has available at any time, simply call them and ask a representative.


  • They are currently offering offer a free $10,000 in silver when you open a gold IRA account with them.*
  • If you're looking for IRA-sanctioned silver and gold coins, as well as bullion, Goldco has one of the most extensive menus in the industry.
  • They have more 5 star reviews than any other company, across several reputable review platforms like BBB, Trust Pilot, and more.
  • For investors who want to learn more about PM investing, the Goldco website includes a lengthy and informative educational section. 


  • Even though Goldco does sell non-IRA-approved silver and gold bars and coins, those products are not displayed or listed anywhere on their official company website.

Augusta Precious Metals is our second-ranked precious metals IRA company. With almost ten years of experience and countless positive reviews from long-time and former clients, APM is an excellent choice for nearly any investor.

The top agencies that rate companies like these, namely the BBB and the BCA, give Augusta high marks, AAA and A+.

APM is proud of the seven criteria they believe distinguish them within the precious metals industry, namely accessibility, selection, knowledge, transparency, coordination, commitment, and respect. Their team does new IRA setups or can roll over your existing IRA into a metals-backed one.

The APM team works hard with all customers to get accounts set up quickly and with no hassles. Not only do the specialists walk you through all the initial paperwork, but they're happy to get your account funded and stocked with the metals you select.

The company takes care of transporting your metals to the vault and insures them during the trip. Augusta works with top storage facilities that are sanctioned by the IRS and feature maximum security for all stored metals.

They offer both silver and gold coins for personal investments (non-IRA) if you wish to keep some metals in your personal possession. Augusta pays all transport and insurance directly to your doorstep in secure and discreet containers when you buy metals as private investments.


  • When it comes to industry reputation and objective ratings, Augusta stands out with their BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) AAA rating and their BBB (Better Business Bureau) A+ mark, the highest designations that any company can achieve.
  • The company's selection of both premium and standard gold bullion and silver coins is extensive.
  • For every new account, Augusta includes no-cost transportation insurance (for the metals being shipped to a storage vault) as well as no-cost delivery of metals.


  • Unlike some other top precious metal IRA companies, Augusta does not offer account holders the option to include palladium or platinum in their accounts.

Since 2003, Birch Gold Group has been focusing on attending to the specific needs of each one of its clients. Their mission encompasses ethics, transparency, education, efficiency, client empowerment, and empathy. Birch gets high ratings from both the BCA and the BBB and verified customers who review the company online.

Their team works with you to set up accounts, walk you through the entire process, and create a new account or roll over one you already own. The Birch experts make sure that all IRS rules are followed to the letter. The company offers all four primary precious metals, namely platinum, palladium, gold, and silver.

Birch works with two of the best storage facilities globally, Brink's Global Services and Delaware Depository, both of which are sanctioned by the IRS for bullion storage for IRAs. Additionally, the company will handle the shipping, insurance, and final delivery of all your metals to whichever vault you select.

Like some of its competitors, Birch Gold Group offers non-IRA metals for personal investment purposes should you choose to buy any. Their selection for these purposes is quite extensive because IRS regulations do not limit the choices.

The company offers a free information guide on its website. The document explains all the details about what precious metals IRAs are, why they make good sense for many investors, and how they're set up.


  • When you set up a PM IRA with Birch, you can place any of the four principal metals into the retirement account, namely platinum, gold, palladium, and silver, in any combination you choose.
  • Birch has one of the better websites for offering investor educational resources. It features an extensive menu of valuable, impartial information for new or experienced PM investors.
  • In an industry where experience matters, Birch has nearly two decades of precious metals investing experience.


  • If you're interested in browsing a vast menu of silver and gold coins, Birch does not have as many to choose from as its competitors do.

In the INC 500, a prestigious listing of companies in the financial client-services niche, Regal Assets has secured the 20th highest place on the ranking.

They're not only one of the most reputable businesses in the precious metals niche, but they are known to take client needs into account, not use high-pressure tactics, and offer competitive fees, charges, and prices on all their services and products.

Their client reviews are universally excellent, and the company's specialists can help new customers set up fresh IRAs or roll over existing ones. There's a unique product they have called the "Regal IRA," which holds metals and cryptocurrency as a diversification asset.

Regal also sells personal (non-IRA) investment packs that go for between $5,000 and $250,000. They're a smart way to save for a specific event like luxury travel or a family wedding.

For storage, clients can choose from facilities all over the globe, all of which charge flat fees, not fees based on the amount of money in your IRA.

Another unique aspect of Regal is that the company sells valuable timepieces, namely Franck Muller wrist watches that include both precious metals and multiple diamonds. Additionally, every Muller watch can also serve as a wallet for bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency.

Regal offers a no-cost investment kit for precious metals to every customer. Anyone can get a copy at the Regal Assets website.


  • Should you choose the "Regal IRA," you'll be able to place not only precious metals into the account but also cryptocurrencies.
  • Unlike some of their competitors, Regal Assets features a comprehensive menu of bars and coins (both silver and gold versions) for all customers.
  • If you have a particular need, like wanting to get ready for a potential emergency or just setting aside money for an important upcoming event, there are several tailor-made investment packs to choose from. Each one contains a unique combination of cryptocurrencies and precious metals.


  • If you want to open an account with Regal as a new investor, whether you choose the PM IRA or the company's "Regal IRA" that can hold crypto and metals, you must place at least $5,000 into the account to get started.

In an industry where a decade of experience is a lot, Noble Gold has been around for more than two decades. Their team is helpful and informed when it comes to helping every new or experienced customer set up a precious metals IRA.

Not only does Noble have a vast number of verified, positive reviews from current and former clients, they are also members of TrustLink and the prestigious BCA, Business Consumer Alliance.

You can fill out a quick IRA initiation form on their site to open a new IRA or roll over an existing one. A team member will contact you and get the ball rolling.

Their selection of IRS-qualified coins and bars is extensive, all of which meet the precise purity requirements set by the government. Noble also offers personal investment metals, namely non-IRA gold, silver, platinum, and palladium if you want to maintain a supply in your home or safe deposit box.

The company sells rare gold and silver coins directly to the public as well, each one of which is graded according to professional numismatic standards and sealed to guard its value and condition.

For IRA-approved metals, Noble maintains a high-grade, segregated security vault in Dallas, Texas. Account-holders can visit the vault anytime they wish and view their metals.

Noble sells precious metals survival packs at prices between $5,000 and $500,000 for investors who want to have metals on hand for various purposes. You can get a free guide at the company's website that explains all the details about gold IRAs.


  • Noble Gold offers its account holders the chance to place any of the four primary precious metals into their portfolios, namely silver, gold, palladium, and platinum, in any mixture or combination thereof.
  • Noble is known for its fair, no-hassle buyback program. Account-holders who decide, for whatever reason, that they'd like to cash out and sell some or all of their metallic holdings can do so quickly and easily.
  • If you have a special event coming up for which you'd like to save money, or if you simply prefer to be prepared for various types of emergencies, Noble offers several "Survival Packs" that can meet those needs.


  • Compared to many of their competitors, Noble doesn't offer a comprehensive menu of collectible or rare coins to choose from.

Key Considerations

It's essential to review some basic characteristics of precious metal companies before making your final decision about which one to choose as a long-term partner for investment purposes. While all of the IRA firms have strong points and are ideal for certain investors, they are unique in their own ways as well.

For example, you will want to carefully consider the amount of experience, the overall reputation, the ratings for customer support, the kind of service given to account holders, various fees, and perhaps even a few other factors that matter to you before opting for your choice.

Here's a bit more about each of the critical criteria that most investors look at as they add up all the pros and cons in their minds and then select a precious metals company to work with.

1. Experience

It's your money. In fact, for many people opening gold and silver IRA accounts, the amount of money is considerable. That's why it is crucial to seek out a company with the amount and kind of experience to get the job done.

Opening this kind of retirement account is a huge life decision, so take your time and evaluate all the companies on the above list carefully.

One of the many reasons that experience is such a key factor in selecting a metals IRA is that you'll have a much easier time getting expert and impartial advice from a company that's been around a while and has dealt with the kind of IRA (gold, silver, cryptocurrency, or a combination thereof) that you're interested in.

Another bonus of working with a highly professional organization is getting a significant amount of peace of mind. Never underestimate this factor, especially if you like to sleep soundly at night, knowing that your retirement assets are in competent, trusted, experienced hands.

2. Reputation

Just like you'd do when buying a house, a business, or a brand new car, you should examine the reputation of the person you'll be doing business with. To begin, scour the internet in search of objective reviews from former customers. Spend time on trusted review websites.

Likewise, remember to connect with the two most respected organizations that rate companies of all kinds, namely the Business Consumer Alliance and the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Both of those organizations will list complaints that consumers have posted, give the details of each one, and explain whether, and how, those issues were resolved.

Don't be put off if you see one or two negative reviews of your favorite metals firm. In the business world, where some companies have thousands of clients over a decade or more of operations, there are bound to be a few dissatisfied customers.

In those cases, pay particular attention to how the companies worked to resolve the problems. Excellent precious metals companies are meticulous about resolving any consumer complaints promptly.

3. Support and Service

It's a huge help to have an experienced representative help you set up your IRA account, walk you through the paperwork, let you know how to purchase the metals that will go into the storage facility, make sure transportation is taken care of, and that the metals you select meet all IRS guidelines and federal laws pertaining to retirement accounts.

This is just one of dozens of reasons it's necessary to find a company with a knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous staff.

Another reason is that you'll likely be dealing with the people for a very long time, decades perhaps, so if you don't like your initial experiences with them, chances are you will have difficulty navigating a long-term relationship.

So, find a team of representatives you enjoy working with and feel like you can rely on for getting all your questions answered, now and in the future.

4. Fees

If you've ever purchased a house or a car, you already know that all significant financial transactions come with several fees and extra charges. The precious metals IRA industry is no different, but they don't charge nearly as many, or high, fees like you would encounter in a real estate deal.

Still, be sure to compare the fee schedules of the IRA companies you're considering. Over many decades of maintaining an IRA, costs can add up, so go the extra mile and find out upfront about what you'll be paying.

For example, even the best firms charge an annual management fee to cover their costs for overseeing your IRA.

However, that doesn't mean every company charges the exact same kinds of fees or identical amounts for similar services. Don't rely on websites to find out about fees and charges because sometimes online information is outdated, incorrect, or not listed at all.

Keep in mind that you must ask the rep you speak with about every fee and charge, including storage fees, account setup fees (if any), and annual management costs.

There are transportation charges to deliver the metals to the storage facility, storage fees (which are usually charged separately by the vault company you select), and any other expenses related to setting up, managing, or maintaining your IRA.

5. Selection

Ask questions about the selection of metals available. Some companies, for example, don't sell platinum or palladium. Others sell cryptocurrency for customers who wish to diversify their metals IRAs with another asset class.

Check to see that your favorite companies have an extensive menu of precious metals bars and various coins should that interest you.

If you want palladium or cryptocurrency, for example, and a company does not sell it, you can move and check out the companies that offer those products.

Final Thoughts - Top Pick


According to our research team's objective analysis, the best IRA company in the precious metals niche is Goldco. For just about anyone, new or experienced, who wants to set up an IRA that contains precious metals, Goldco offers the best all-around customer experience, products, service, and more.

This holds true whether you aim to create a brand-new IRA or simply roll over an IRA you already own.

Not only does Goldco have more than 15 years of industry experience, but their team of representatives are experts who specialize in working with all customers to make sure each customer gets customized service and metals that meet their particular investing needs, budgets, and time horizons.

Additionally, Goldco features a wide variety of bars and coins that are all approved by the IRS. When you view their menu of products, one of their staff members will help you not only select the metals for your account but can do the paperwork for you while you're speaking with them.

For customers who want help through each step of account setup, from initial paperwork to final shipment of metals to a storage vault and everything in between, Goldco takes care of all the critical details.

You can also select to buy gold and silver coins and bullion as non-IRA investments if you wish. Some investors do this when they desire to maintain an at-home stash of emergency metals or want to have some gold and silver that they can use for any purpose they desire.

Our team believes that Goldco is the best overall choice out of the top five companies, but feel free to make your own decision based on your criteria. In reality, there's no "perfect" precious metals IRA company because investors have widely diverse needs and goals.

Fortunately, you will be well served by choosing any of the five companies on our list. So, get started now with your long-term investment plans and set up a precious metals IRA.

4.9 of 5 stars

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