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Best Precious Metals IRA Companies in San Diego, CA

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The stock market can be pretty unpredictable. It goes up in one instance, and there is a drop next. That is the nature of the stock market; things can happen unexpectedly. And not everybody may have the persistence needed in this kind of investment venture. So, you may have to diversify your investment portfolio to safeguard your resources from unforeseen market eventualities.

What is the best fallback plan? One way you can mitigate the effects of an erratic stock market lies in IRA. You can invest in an IRA plan, especially the one that deals with precious metals. An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) lets you invest in unconventional properties like precious metals or real estate.

For instance, a gold IRA will protect your wealth against investment volatility and risk in times of turmoil or economic meltdown. Besides, an IRA allows you to save for retirement with tax-free growth or on a tax-deferred basis. Therefore, special precious metal IRAs are a safe-haven investment option for your retirement portfolio.

Finding the right company to help you set up an IRA for holding precious metals would be good. Though numerous service providers exist, not every company may be up to the task. You should do your homework well and unearth the company with a proven track record as your vehicle.

We have identified top players in the precious metal IRA. Our in-depth reviews will assist you in choosing the IRA that is most aligned with your investment goals.

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Where to Buy Precious Metals in San Diego?

In San Diego, you can find several coin dealers where you can buy some precious metals. Nevertheless, you can find top precious metals IRA firms throughout the country if you want to invest a substantial amount of money.

It is good to thoroughly check IRA companies based on customer reviews, BBB rating, and general reputation. The number of reviews, consistency of reviews, and fee structures are other factors to consider in choosing the best PM investment company.

Below are the precious metals IRA companies you can consider.

Top 5 Companies

Goldco is one of the oldest in the gold investment industry, starting over a decade ago. The company focuses on assisting its customers in the direct purchase of gold. It is also involved in setting up special gold IRAs for its clients. The A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rated company has crafted its niche in excellent customer service. Thus, the company is the most sort after in the gold investment industry.

With its over 1,000 5-star reviews from clients, Goldco is a leader in the industry. Moreover, these reviews of Goldco are from reputable review sites such as Trust Pilot, Consumer Affairs, and BBB. The unrivaled reputation the company has built over the years makes it one of the best gold IRAs.


  • Goldco has great reviews and ratings across review sites
  • The company has well over 1000 five star reviews from customers
  • It has a lot of online resources to enable you to learn more
  • The company permits the opening of an IRA and making your purchases in one place


  • The minimum investment allowed is quite high

The company has operated for more than 12 years. The major strength of Augusta is the outstanding customer service. So, you can be sure any process will be looked after, regardless of how complex it is.

Augusta is among the IRA company with the best reviews across all major review and rating platforms. The company has a 4.96 rating on BBB, while on consumer alliance, it is given a 5-star rating. It is a testimony of the reputation the company holds.


  • It has extraordinary customer service, as reflected by its 5-star review ratings
  • The company offers free gold and silver portfolio reviews besides providing web conference
  • The process of opening the gold IRA is simplified, fast, and clear


  • The process may take longer because it is thorough and transparent
  • The company strictly deals with gold and silver, excluding others precious metals like platinum and palladium

Birch Gold Group is devoted to instilling confidence in its clients as an investment company in precious metals. Customers are encouraged to diversify their investment into precious metal IRAs. The company provides vital information to its clients besides supporting them in their quest for PM investment.

The company has enlisted high-profile customers, one of the reasons for its admirable ratings. Also, the company has specialists in its ranks. They provide clients with much-needed services to help in making better investment decisions.


  • It emerges top when it comes to customer service
  • The company has a rating of A+ by the Better Business Bureau
  • It has received thousands of 5-star customer reviews across online platforms


  • It lacks overseas depository options
  • The company does not demonstrate initial IRA setup fees

The company started its operation in Los Angeles in 2015. It is best if you desire to diversify your investments in the precious metal IRAs on a small scale. They provide clients with experts to assist in making informed choices.

The family-owned company has over 20 years of experience dealing in silver and gold IRA. It is focused on assisting clients in attaining their goals via the calculated use of precious metals as portfolio diversification.


  • It has been given excellent customer reviews and ratings on major platforms
  • It offers you a buyback commitment


  • It does not provide a price on its website and does not ship outside the U.S.

The company deals with various investments, including cryptocurrencies and precious metals. Thus, it offers the opportunity for more diversity in your portfolios.


  • The company has a good reputation with exceptional customer service
  • It has a flat fee structure


  • It takes longer to complete the rollover process fully.