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Noble Gold Investments Review: Is This Dealer Legit?

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Portfolio diversification is never a bad idea. If you invest in precious metals, you’re giving yourself a chance to protect your wealth while you’re saving for retirement. Suppose you’re looking to ensure that a bad stock market crash doesn’t upset your plans for the future. In that case, you’ll want to look into either investing in precious metals for yourself or setting up an IRA that allows you to invest in these metals.

One of part of investing that's most challenging is finding a company to work with. It’s not that there aren’t companies out there, but rather that it’s hard to find companies that you can trust.

We research hundreds of companies and evaluate them based on dozens of factors. So, what about Noble Gold? Are they one of the trustworthy firms out there? In this review, we're going to cover the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Important note before we begin:

You're looking at a significant financial decision when you choose to invest in any company. We pride ourselves on doing excellent research and providing the best possible information.

We review thousands of dealers each year, and only 5 pass the tests.

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Why Invest in Precious Metals?

Before we look at Noble Gold, we must start by looking at precious metals in general. You probably have not given that much thought to this part of the investing world if you're like most people. It’s essential to stop and look, though, so that you can understand why so many others have decided that precious metals are worth their hard-earned dollars.

A core reason to invest in precious metals has to do with the stock market. Simply put, the stock market is volatile. Though you may have enjoyed many years of watching the value of your portfolio rise, the truth is that the bottom can drop out at any moment.

Something as simple as the wrong word spoken by an elected official can throw the markets into a tailspin, which will, in turn, eliminate much of your hard-earned money.

As such, it makes sense to make sure that you don’t keep all of your money in the stock market. It is vital that you look at investments like precious metals, so your money isn't only tied to typical stocks but investments that tend to rise in value when stocks start to drop.

Even if you’re not worried about diversifying your portfolio, it’s still important to look at metals. These precious metals have always had a value attached to them, as they were the original forms of currency, and demand for metals like gold has never really dropped. Demand continues to rise for various reasons, one being there is a finite amount of each of these metals in the world.

Metals are valuable for more than just being pretty, though. Metals like gold and silver are actually used in several industries, ranging from apparent industries like jewelry to less obvious sectors like those that manufacture heavy machinery. As the need for metals continues to grow, so too does the value of each of these metals.

Another great reason to invest in precious metals is that they are pretty easy to liquidate. When you need funds, you can sell your metals to someone else interested in investing in them.

Given that so many people look to invest in a finite amount of metal, you’ll have no trouble finding someone to pay you a fair price when you’re ready to unload your investments.

Why Noble Gold?

As you might expect, there’s more than one good reason to invest with Noble Gold. Not only is the company quite trustworthy, but it’s actually established. A major player in the gold industry for the last twenty years, the company has had the time to build up a great deal of expertise and a staff that genuinely knows what it is doing. This company has seen and heard it all and can thus answer any questions you may have.

The company also puts significant emphasis on ensuring that its clients are educated on properly investing in the precious metals market. The company maintains memberships with Trustlink, the Business Consumer Alliance, and the Canadian Mint to build consumer confidence and prove that they’re not going anywhere. In fact, the company depends on these memberships to ensure that new clients know that they’re well-liked by existing customers.

Simply put, it’s easy to feel confident when you’re investing with Noble Gold. The company’s got great connections across the industry, meaning that you’ve got access to not only some of the best precious metals products but that you can get them all at a very reasonable price.

Perhaps best of all, though, Noble Gold firmly keeps the investor in the driver’s seat. There are no underhanded sales tactics here, and you should never feel like you’re being pressured. The goal is always to ensure you can achieve the financial goals that have driven you in your career thus far.

Opening an IRA

Noble Gold makes it a point to simplify the process of opening a precious metals IRA. Not only can you open a new account with the company, but you can also roll over your existing qualified retirement account into an IRA with the company.

Once you’ve got your account funded, the company offers a fine selection of not only gold and silver but also palladium and platinum products in which you can invest.

Why choose to put your money in a precious metals IRA? Doing so is a good way to ensure that your retirement portfolio is appropriately diversified while still getting the benefits of having an IRA. With precious metals, you’ll be able to watch your wealth stay safe even if the markets around you crash.

Setting up your account is a reasonably straightforward process. You start by going to Noble Gold’s website; then, you fill out a quick form that will let the company know what kind of account you’d like to set up. From there, you’ll be contacted by a member of the company’s team to discuss your needs further.

Once the team member contacts you, you can start figuring out how to get money in your account. For some, this means linking a bank account. For others, though, it means going through the process of rolling over an existing retirement account.

As soon as you complete your transfer and you have money in your account, you’ll be able to start shopping for precious metals. Noble Gold has not only a great selection of gold and silver bars, but it also offers both palladium and platinum coins that can go into your retirement account. If you’re unsure which coins to buy, you can always talk to a Noble Gold advisor.

When you get all of your coins added to your account, Noble Gold will ensure that all of your items are shipped to a depository that the IRS approves. Once there, you can look at your portfolio and the money in your account online. You can also call the company at any time to get any information you need about your account.

The real payoff comes when you reach retirement age, though. Once you can take disbursements, you can choose between having your bars and coins shipped to your home or having those items liquidated so that you can get the cash you need to enjoy retirement.


If you’re looking to fill your IRA with precious metals, you’re in luck. Noble Gold actually has a great selection of coins and bars that the IRS has approved for deposit in precious metals IRAs. While some companies would stop with gold and silver, Noble Gold is one of the few that allows their customers to deposit palladium and platinum items.

Noble Gold offers an excellent selection of IRS-approved coins and bars. While many precious metals investment companies only provide gold and silver coins, Noble Gold also has options for palladium and platinum.

Rare Coins

Investing in gold can be done even if you aren’t investing in any retirement account. Some customers like to know that they can hold onto these investments, so it’s nice to know that Noble Gold keeps these investors in mind. To ensure that the needs of these customers are met, Noble Gold offers a slate of excellent rare coins that can only be used for personal investment.

Rare coins are a unique kind of investment. Their value isn’t just based on the price of gold, but instead on collectability. When you pick up a rare coin, you’re picking up an item that has its history and value to those in the know.

Noble Gold’s catalog includes several well-known rare coins, ranging from the 1854 Kellogg twenty-dollar coin to the Morgan Silver Dollar. Each of the rare coins in the collection has been both graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service or Numismatic Guarantee Corporation and independently certified. These coins are shipped out securely in sealed cases to ensure that they don’t lose any of their value in shipping.


According to IRS regulations, all metals that are stored in a precious metals IRA must be kept in a secured storage facility that is IRS-approved. Noble Gold, fortunately, works with clients to ensure that their investments can be securely shipped to an approved facility. Each of these facilities not only has a wide array of security features but the metals within them are also insured.

Those who decide to purchase precious metals for their investments and don’t use an IRA don’t need to consider storage as much. Since the IRS doesn’t have any rules about where your metals are stored, it’s perfectly legal to keep them at home. With that said, storing your gold at home isn’t always be the best choice if you’re looking for security.

That’s perhaps why so many customers choose to keep their personal investments at Noble Gold storage facility in Dallas. The facility will hold your items segregated from those of other investors, and you’ll never have to worry about your investments being mixed up with those of another customer.

One of the unique things about this facility is that your metals will be stored not only in Noble Gold’s name but under your own. This means that you’ll get all the information you need about your metals, and you’ll never have to worry about someone mistaking your investments for those of anyone else.

This also means that you can go and visit your metals any time you feel like doing so is necessary. If you don’t feel like taking a trip to Texas, you’ll also be able to check online to see how your investments are doing and even look at their current worth.

With excellent security and a fantastic amount of attention to detail, it does make sense that customers of both IRAs and traditional investments feel safe keeping their metals with Noble Gold.

Choosing a Package

Not every investor wants to pick out every product when they’re looking to create a solid emergency fund. That’s why Noble Gold has created Royal Survival Packs, which are designed to ensure that investors have the right mix of metals that they can cash in when unexpected situations come up in life.

Each of the Royal Survival Packs is slightly different, but they all contain good mixes of precious metals. These packages range in price between five thousand and five hundred thousand dollars, which gives buyers at different income levels the ability to choose price points that work for them.

Those interested in Royal Survival Packs can choose from among eight different levels of packages. These packages range from the Noble Cavalier at the lowest level to the Noble Duke and Ambassador at the top. The Noble Knight, Noble Baron, Noble Viscount, Noble Ear, and Noble Marquess packages lie between the ranges.

So, who are each of these products meant for?

The Noble Cavalier is the cheapest option, set at five thousand dollars. It’s generally designed for those looking for a small emergency fund that can help them weather more minor emergencies. Above that is the Noble Knight, which has a buy-in of ten thousand dollars and tends to be a better fit for those looking to cover an entire family’s expenses for a short period.

The next level up is the Noble Baron, which costs twenty-five thousand dollars and is intended for those families who need to have an emergency fund that can cover some pervasive financial problems. The Noble Viscount, which costs fifty thousand dollars, tends to be for those larger families who need the ability to cover several months' worth of expenses should a job be lost or some major medical issue happen.

The Noble Early lies lower on the cost index, with a ten thousand dollar buy-in. This package is Noble Gold’s most popular, standing out because the package allows users to store their investments both in the company’s secure storage facilities and at home.

On the other hand, the Noble Marquess is for those who are looking to put away above 250 thousand dollars to provide an emergency fund for considerable expenses. This fund also allows consumers to keep their money in secure storage facilities as well as at home.

The Noble Duke package is for those who want to put away enough money to weather just about any storm at half a million dollars. This package allows individuals to store their metals both at home and in secure storage, and it tends to be chosen by those who value having emergency funds and already have plenty of cash on hand.

The Noble Ambassador is a customizable plan that allows customers outside the United States to create their own emergency funds. While this package may be tailored to the individual investor, all of the metals in which they invest are stored in North America.

Summary of Key Features

The company altogether avoids overbearing sales tactics that are common in the industry.

Noble Gold’s pricing on its products is very competitive.

Everyone employed by the company seems to be not only competent but quite educated about the precious metals market. 

The company has a buy-back program that allows customers to sell their precious metals back to the company at a fair price.

The company allows customers to invest in not only gold and silver, but also platinum and palladium.

In addition to its other products, Noble Gold also has a great selection of graded and certified rare coins.

Precious metals storage is available in a safe and secure location in Dallas, Texas.

Pros and Cons


  • Not only does the company offer gold and silver bars, but it also offers platinum and palladium bars.
  • It is hard to beat the Royal Survival Pack as a tool for keeping money set aside for emergencies.
  • The company's buy-back program is very consumer-friendly and can be a good choice for those dealing with financial challenges.


  • While Noble Gold has a good selection of coins available, there are definitely other companies that have better inventories.
  • Customer service isn't as strong as some of their competitors. There are lots of reviews online where lack of customer service is the main complaint. This can be a big deal-breaker.
  • The company isn't a specialist with rolling over funds from a 401k.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, Noble Gold is a company at which investors should take a look. The company not only has a solid collection of coins available, but they also have a great team that can help investors make the most of their money.

Whether you're interested in a Royal Survival Pack or you want to dip your toes into the world of precious metals, this is a solid company to consider.

Keep in mind, that there are over a thousand companies in the USA, and we have reviewed nearly 75% of them. Noble Gold is excellent compared to most companies, but did they make the top 5 dealers of the year?

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