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Augusta Precious Metals Review: Reputable or Scam?

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Looking for ways to diversify your retirement accounts is always wise. If you're interested in the world of precious metals investments, you should take a look at Augusta Precious Metals.

Not only is the company an award winner in the world of precious metals investing, but it offers the kind of customer service and education that real-world investors need to achieve their investment goals.


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How Does Augusta Precious Metals Work?

It's always advised to know how any company with which you wish to invest works. Augusta Precious Metals, for example, works through the efforts of several different departments.

One of the most critically important departments of this company is the Customer Success team. This team works to ensure that every customer has their own personal agent to ensure that all of the customer's investing needs are met.

The company also has an education team, which works to help explain the process of investing to prospective customers. This team focuses on explaining why it makes sense to invest in precious metals and how doing so can benefit most investors. It's easy to contact members of this team, whether through a web form or a phone call.

Another one of the teams that make up the company is the IRA Processing team. This team focuses on helping people set up their IRAs, a process that can seem so complicated that it honestly turns many off of investing at all.

Luckily, this team of experts does most of the heavy lifting for Augusta Precious Metals' customers. This is the team that takes care of any necessary transitions that fill out the forms and make sure that everything is done in a way that will help customers avoid any penalties when they do their taxes. 

In short, this is the team that makes sure that setting up an IRA is as easy as possible. With this team's help, anyone can invest without worrying about whether or not they are breaking any rules.

There is also a fantastic Precious Metals Order team there to help you invest in precisely the kind of precious metals that best fit your needs. While it's definitely always up to you to make the calls about how you want to invest, this team will help you put together a portfolio and make sure that you're getting the kind of value you want out of your investments.

Finally, there is a Confirmation team. This is the team that makes sure that your order is finalized correctly and that someone is in contact with you to let you know exactly how everything has turned out. This is the team responsible for confirming all orders and ensuring that everything has been done correctly.

When viewing the big picture, it's easy to see how these teams can make the process of setting up a gold IRA much easier than it would be elsewhere. Since there's always someone there to help you through every step of the process, you won't need to worry about making mistakes, and you'll be able to ensure that your account is set up in a way that will help you to protect your future better.

What Makes Them Stand Out?

Every investor wants to work with a company that will help them grow their wealth. Augusta Precious Metals stands out from the rest of the gold IRA market by helping their customers with that primary goal and helping to ensure that the process of investing is as streamlined as possible. The company's primary goal is to make it easy for even those who have never invested before to make substantial investments.

Augusta Precious Metals excels at helping its customers find ways to diversify their retirement portfolios with precious metals. Given that precious metals are often immune to the wild swings that the economy can take, it can help to have an savvy ally in your corner familiar with this market.

The best way to understand how the company can help you is to look at what they value. These seven specific areas of focus can show precisely why this company is worth your time.

1. Market Knowledge

Some companies are happy to invest your money and never look at it again. On the other hand, Augusta Precious Metals wants to know that your savings are still working for you. This means constantly monitoring the markets to know whether or not the value of your portfolio remains consistent.

This quest for market knowledge also extends to the company's desire for its customers to remain informed. The specialist they employ aren't just financial experts - they are educators with natural backgrounds in the market.

This means for customers that the people with whom they work are constantly analyzing the markets and looking at what's best for real-world investors. Instead of simply trying to sell you a product, these individuals will let you know what's going on in the world so that you can make informed choices.

These educators are also perfect counselors for those who are worried about their futures. You can talk to them about what's going on in the mainstream markets and strategies to keep your money safe from any potential downturns.

2. Customer Commitment

Augusta Precious Metals also has a strong level of commitment to each of its customers. They're not just here to sell to big names - they're here to ensure that every customer gets the same level of experience no matter how much they are investing.

This means that the company is constantly bringing in financial experts who understand the market to use their expertise on behalf of its customers. Having a solid field of professionals available ensures that every customer will have people they can work with, no matter their previous investment history.

Staying committed to customers is a massive part of why the company has such a fantastic reputation. Not only do they have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, but they also has excellent ratings among a whole host of third-party review sites.

3. Respect for Customers

At Augusta Precious Metals, every customer receives the same level of respect. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced, high-powered trader or a brand new investor just dabbling in the world of metals - the company does go out of its way to treat everyone equally.

Part of this comes from their approach of treating you like the individual you are. The company works from the assumption that everyone has real retirement goals and that meeting them can be a stressful process. 

Knowing that you're in a place that requires you to make tough decisions allows the company to focus on assisting you in making those goals a reality.

This means for customers that they can always expect to be treated like people rather than account numbers.

You'll not only get access to all the one-on-one attention you need, but you'll also get access to some excellent educational materials that you can use to teach yourself more about investing.

4. General Accessibility

Investors need accessibility to be successful. It's not just that you need to be able to look at your accounts; instead, it's that good investors need access to the company to know whether or not they're making decisions that make sense for their futures.

Every customer who works with Augusta Precious Metals is assigned to an individual agent who will always help them. These agents take care of all of the behind-the-scenes work that can often make an investment so scary.

What this means for customers is not only that they can always access information, but that they can also invest without having the paperwork that it requires taking over their lives.

If you can't contact your agent when you need them, you're not out of options. Not only can you leave a message so that they can get back to you, but you can also work with the customer service department to get answers to your questions immediately.

If there's something that a customer service agent can't answer quickly, they will be more than happy to transfer you to a specialist so that you can get the help you need.

So, who are those specialists? Some of them are on the education team, which is made up of financial professionals. Others are IRA processing specialists who can help you with setting up and maintaining the account.

There are also specialists on the order team who can help customers buy metals and those on the confirmation team who can confirm your account was set up as intended.

You will be able to talk to members of these teams at any time, allowing you to feel secure in your ability to access everything the company has to offer.

5. Transaction Transparency

Another huge thing that makes Augusta Precious Metals different from the competition is transparency. The company is honest almost to a fault, letting customers know about the benefits of their accounts and the associated risks.

They're also good about letting customers know if the risk levels involved with certain types of investments might change soon.

Transparency doesn't just mean transparency about risks. The company is incredibly open about its pricing structures and doesn't have any hidden fees. You'll get complete fee disclosures every time you make a transaction, and you'll never be hit with a surprise bill by the company.

Sometimes it's just nice to know that the company with which you are working is ethically sound. If nothing else, Augusta Precious Metals definitely takes its ethics seriously.

6. Product Selection

If you look at the company website, you'll quickly notice that you can invest your money in many different ways. What's nice to know, though, is that everything that the company sells follows the IRS guidelines for gold IRAs.

Much of what makes the company stand out here has to do with research. Everything the company sells has been well-researched and comes from trusted mints, making it much easier for customers to feel secure in what they are buying.

What this means for most investors is that the process of actually setting up an account is much easier than it is elsewhere.

You pick what you want, and the various teams will make sure that your orders go through; no worries are needed. The company will ensure that everything is purchased, transferred, and stored correctly so that you can go about your day.

7. internal Coordination

A good business only works if all of its component parts work. While Augusta Precious Metals may have many different moving parts, they all work together to ensure that each customer gets what they need to be successful.

Since they want to make sure that each of their customers succeed, they place a premium on ensuring that they give their customers everything they need. 

That's why they hire people who not only understand how gold and silver investments work but how the financial markets in general work. The knowledge and experience this team brings is invaluable for each of the company's customers.

It's also nice to know that the company doesn't just care about you while setting up your account. This is also a company that wants to make sure that your account thrives.

From giving you updates about the market to letting you know how your investment is growing, Augusta Precious Metals stays in contact to ensure that you're getting what you need.

The Companies Advantages

While many companies will allow you to invest in precious metals, they don't all work the same way. Augusta Precious Metals provides several advantages that make it wise to work with this company.

One of the best advantages is price protection on your order. If the value of your order changes after you've placed an order, Augusta Precious Metals will protect you. That means that if the price drops within a week of your purchase, you'll be able to pay the lower price instead.

The company also makes sure that your gold will get shipped quickly. It usually takes between seven and ten days for an order to get shipped, but the process is done as efficiently as possible. If you're a first-time investor, you'll also get a money-back guarantee on your investment. If you're not comfortable with what you've invested in, you'll get your money back with no questions asked.

Augusta Precious Metals also gets money to customers more quickly than the competition. If you need cash, the company will sell your gold and silver for you and then give you access to your money as quickly as possible.

Finally, the company also gives buyers the option to have their gold and silver shipped instead of a secure location. If you are looking to take charge of your investments without a custodian, Augusta Precious Metals will make sure that you get your pieces quickly so that you can sell them for yourself.

What You Need To Know About Gold and Silver IRAs

Investing in gold and silver for retirement isn't something that's always been possible in the United States. In fact, it only dates back to the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1977, which finally made it legal for people to invest in precious metals for their retirement. While gold and silver items might have been around for centuries, actually investing in them in this way was a relatively novel idea.

Of course, it's not just investing in precious metals that you need to know about. If you're really concentrating on retirement, it makes sense to look at the advantages of a precious metals IRA. A precious metals IRA gives investors the same benefits as a typical IRA, which means fewer worries about taxes.

At the same time, those who choose to use IRAs get more control over the assets in which they invest. If you're investing in stocks or bonds, you don't really get a say in how that company runs. Even if a stock seems like a sure thing now, you can lose it all due to one wrong decision.

While the markets for all kinds of precious metals do fluctuate, they don't tend to do so in quite such a wild manner. Gold and silver are stable, material investments that you can rely on to hold their value.

Of course, there are other benefits to investing in precious metals. For some, it's simply the fact that these metals are actually tangible. Something is troubling about knowing that your investments only exist as a series of ones and zeroes, especially when so many stories about cybercrime are on the news. Knowing that you have tangible assets that are stored in secure facilities can make it seem like your money is safer.

Working with this type of investment also means getting outside of the mainstream for investment companies. Many just don't trust big banks and firms to do right by them, and knowing that you're out of their reach can be comforting.

For most, though, the significant benefit of investing in precious metals is the ability to diversify their portfolio. When you can put your investments into more than one type of market, you'll have a much better chance to ride out any problems in any single market segment. As you approach retirement, this will become more and more important.

Precious metals are also good at protecting the value of your money from inflation. Inflation is hard to avoid, especially as more and more money enters the economy. Simply putting your money in savings means that you're losing value, so investing in something that beats inflation means that you are saving a bit of your wealth.

Finally, there's the fact that investing in metals is reasonably straightforward. While setting up an account can seem terrifying, the truth is that you can work with a company like Augusta Precious Metals to simplify the process. Once the company does the paperwork for you, you can get to invest in a way that won't overwhelm you.

Summary of Key Features

Augusta Precious Metals consistently receives excellent ratings from several different consumer and business sources.

Every customer gets a personal agent who helps with and guides the set-up process.

The company provides one-on-one sessions with financial educators who explain how the precious metals market works.

All of the company's investment products come from well-known and respected national mints.

The company's customer service doesn't stop after set-up; customers can access information and customer support throughout their relationship with the company.

Augusta Precious Metals makes it easy to convert metals to cash quickly.

Pros and Cons


  • The company offers not only free educational material but also has fantastic one-on-one educational counselors.
  • Few companies do a better job of streamlining the set-up process for their customers.
  • You'll keep access to excellent customer service for as long as you work with the company.


  • There are a few other companies that have more 5 star reviews 
  • While Augusta Precious Metals does a great job of setting up customers for success, it can't guarantee that you'll make any money.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to precious metals IRAs, Augusta Precious Metals has proven itself as a real leader. The company gives customers total control over their accounts but does so to make it easy to feel like you've got the support you need.

Where the company stands out, though, is in how it simplifies investing. The company does all of the paperwork necessary for clients to invest and handle the entirety of the storage process, reducing the amount of time that investors have to spend worrying about the set-up process.

Customer support is also a big positive when it comes to this company. Your relationship with the company won't stop when you make a purchase, and you'll have access to everything from educational guides to one-on-one chats with educational specialists. You never have to feel like you can't ask questions with no responses.

If you're looking for a good way to save money for retirement and you want to avoid the volatility of the stock market, you may want to look into precious metals. These tangible assets are generally reliable and will give you a sense that you have more options than those who put all of their money in one place.

If you're ready to create a retirement-ready portfolio, it's time to think about working with Augusta Precious Metals. You'll be able to contact a customer service representative who can walk you through everything the company does and who will be glad to chat with you about how the company works.