Mana Project

2018 Exploration Program

A $7 million exploration program is planned for Mana in 2018. The program is expected to include 10,000 core, 25,000 RC, and 60,000 meters of auger drilling, all of which will be carried out within trucking distance of the Mana Mine. The bulk of the core drill program will be directed to the Siou area with the aim of expanding the newly discovered lens in the north part of Siou at depth.

Approximately 1,000 meters of core drilling will also be carried out on the Pacolé area located 8.5 kilometers to the east/north-east of Siou, and Nyafé areas. Delineation drilling will also continue, with work devoted to three zones located to the south, west and north of the Nyafé deposit.

Regional Exploration

The Bara Trend, which is located some 20 kilometers north of the Siou deposit and 20 kilometers from the Mana processing plant, will see extensive exploration in the first quarter of the year, including 20,000 meters of auger drilling. During the first half of the year, over 1,000 meters of core and 15,000 meters of RC drilling will be carried out on significant RC results and untested auger anomalies.

Results to date suggest that Bara is a seven-kilometer long auger gold anomaly located along a north-south trending lithological contact between a volcanosedimentary sequence and felsic intrusive. Near the south part of the auger anomaly and within the volcanosedimentary sequence, an interesting mineralized zone was observed in two holes returning values of 5.80 g/t Au over 3 meters (MRC17-4889) and 2.29 g/t Au over 3 meters (MRC17-4896). The zone is hosted in a hematized and sheared sediment containing quartz veining. Two kilometers further south, a near-surface quartz vein observed in hole MRC17-4903 returned an average value of 1.57 g/t Au over 7 meters in saprolitized shales. Towards the northern part of the anomaly, a near-surface value of 4.41 g/t Au over 2 meters (MRC17-4972) was also obtained in sheared sediments (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 – Auger Anomalies for RC Follow-up at Bara