Health & Safety

Ensuring the safety of our workforce is a major preoccupation for our Corporation. We make health and safety a collective responsibility involving all employees and subcontractors as well as the communities neighbouring our mining operations. Each year, our health and safety department develops and implements new programs to control the risks inherent to our business.

We work diligently to instill a sense of responsibility in each and every one of our employees and to develop initiatives that support our health and safety objectives. This commitment is reflected in our corporate Health and Safety Policy and accompanying management system in effect at all of our sites.

Prevention in the Workplace

In addition to regulatory requirements, our prevention programs include awareness sessions, operational training and inspections. In 2015, we endeavoured to involve all supervision levels in the management of health and safety in order to reinforce the sustainable health and safety culture within our company. Initially, the supervisory staff were trained to analyse the risks relative to their tasks - a crucial element in the prevention of workplace accidents - which was followed by a course on the role of the supervisor and his primary responsibility for accident prevention within the team.

The diligence of the health and safety team, whether in awareness raising, prevention or training activities, paid off in 2015. SEMAFO is proud to have logged a total injury rate1 of 1.86 in 2015, an industry-leading performance that was achieved through a management system based on continuous improvement and in direct alignment with our overall risk management strategy. We also check that our sub-contractors work in compliance with our safety practices and standards, while ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.

Accident Statistics

Our impressive performance in 2015 is a direct result of supervisory staff and employees having strengthened accountability with regard to preventive activities at the workplace. This was evidenced by the hands-on commitment and support afforded by both the management team and the Health and Safety Committee with regard to prevention. Each supervisor is charged with a planned programme of preventive activities that are well-established and are being diligently applied.