Labour Practices

Our success is dependent on the 3,440 employees and contractors working for us. It is their motivation and desire for excellence that drives our performance and helps us achieve our corporate objectives. We believe in recruiting local employees and in enhancing their skills and knowledge to enable them to reach more senior roles.

The majority of our mine employees is unionized, with employee terms negotiated through collective agreements. In 2018, we negotiated a new three-year agreement and terms with Mana Mine employees. Boungou Mine employees are covered by a three-year collective agreement signed in November 2017. Our ability to sign agreements with unionized and non-unionized employees speaks to our good relations with employees and our willingness to resolve employee issues promptly for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Boungou, a Strong Local Focus

As at December 31, 2018, the Boungou Mine employed 1,207 employees and contractors, 92% of whom are Burkinabe nationals.  To ensure that local communities benefit fully from the presence of the mine, over 40% of our total workforce are residents of the surrounding Est region.

Focus on Developing Local Talent

Launched in 2012 at Mana, the National Workforce Development Program aims to train local, high-potential employees into higher-level or trainer positions. Preparations for the first cohort of Boungou employees began in 2018, and 12 employees are now scheduled to begin the two-year program in April 2019.  On the exploration side, five employees commenced the training program late in 2018, supported by three sponsors. At Mana, 12 employees are expected to complete the program in 2019 and to assume roles with greater responsibilities. The nationalization of posts at Mana is progressing well with almost half of all managerial roles now filled by Burkinabe.


All new employees undergo training on safety, accident prevention, environmental issues and company procedures, among other topics. Ongoing training priorities are defined based on job requirements, performance evaluation notes and legal requirements.

In addition, during the year, we maintained our focus on upskilling our local employees at both mines through programs designed to further vocational and business competencies, particularly in safety, management and technical training. In 2018, 16,174 hours of training were dispensed to national employees, 4,155 of which at Mana and 12,019 at Boungou. The majority of training hours at Mana in 2018 was devoted to management techniques, reflecting Mana’s longer mining history and well-established workforce.