Honouring our Commitments

In accordance with our vision, our values and our missions – both corporate and humanitarian – we conduct our gold production and exploration operations through the responsible development of our Mana property. We strive to create value for our stakeholders through high corporate governance standards in terms of corporate responsibility, ethical behaviour, disclosure and transparency. Our commitment is corroborated by a corporate social responsibility policy that is in effect and enforced at all of our sites.

At SEMAFO, we are guided by our four corporate values: Respect and integrity - Excellence – Know-how - Teamwork. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we work tirelessly to minimize our environmental footprint wherever possible, to promote responsible practices throughout the supply chain, to contribute to the economic development of our host countries, all while ensuring rigorous governance practices.

Recognition of SEMAFO’s CSR Achievements

In 2016, for the second year running, SEMAFO was awarded the grand prize for Corporate Social Responsibility of Mining Companies in Burkina Faso (RSE 2016) by the Groupe Redevabilité (Accountability Group).

The aim of the group is to highlight mining companies that have successfully integrated a humanitarian dimension into their operations, thereby helping to redress social inequalities. For evaluation purposes, the six-member jury based its ranking for the grand prize on three of the seven ISO 26000 criteria with regard to CSR: Human Rights, Environment (fairness of practices) and Communities and Local Development.

In addition to the grand prize, SEMAFO was also recipient of an award for the environment, in addition to prizes for female entrepreneurship, communities and local development.