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Inflation is here and doesn't look to be slowing down or reversing. Learn how to protect your hard earned money and diversify your portfolio into precious metals.

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Over 17+ Years of Experience in Precious Metals... And Counting

Research Strategy

The SEMAFO Gold team spends thousands of hours researching the market and precious metal companies to find the best of the best.

17 Years Experience

Our team has been working together for over 17 years and have helped thousands of people protect and diversify their portfolios.

Precious Metal Experts

SEMAFO strictly researches and stays on the cutting edge of the precious metals market. Everything from Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium




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I was clueless about precious metals until I came across SEMAFO Gold. They have a clear and concise way of explaining complex ideas in a way I could understand.

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I learned more from this company than any other resource online. Highly recommend SEMAFO for education on gold, silver, and different investment vehicles.

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Because of the information I received from this company, I found a great dealer who walked me through the entire process of opening up an IRA to protect my savings.

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SEMAFO Gold has been on the cutting edge of the precious metals market for almost 2 decades. We use our knowledge, experience, and market research to help educate and equip every day investors with the information and options to make smart investments.