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Health Safety

Health Safety

Ensuring the safety of our workforce is a major preoccupation for our Corporation. We make health and safety a collective responsibility involving all employees and subcontractors as well as the communities neighbouring our mining operations. New programs are developed every year to offset the risks inherent to our business, reflecting our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement. We work diligently to instill a sense of responsibility in each and every one of our employees and to develop initiatives that support our health and safety objectives. This commitment is reflected in our corporate Health and Safety Policy and accompanying management system in effect at all of our sites.

Promote a Culture of Health and Safety

At SEMAFO, employee health and safety is paramount, as is the continuous improvement of our safety processes at all our facilities. We make considerable effort to foster a culture of safety. In addition to regulatory requirements, our prevention programs include awareness sessions, operational training and inspections.

Our prevention program, includes structures and activities designed to minimize and eliminate the source of potential hazards to health, safety and the physical integrity of our workforce. We strongly believe that employee involvement in these structured prevention activities promotes awareness, and the identification and continuous monitoring of potential hazards and risks, while reducing injuries, illness and property loss.


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