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We understand that our stakeholders expect continued growth. Our economic growth, however, should not come at the expense of biodiversity and precious water, land and air resources or as a result of reduced efforts to deter climate change. For this reason, we aspire to achieve regular progress in our continual improvement process, aware that optimizing our environmental footprint will, in turn, yield increased operational efficiency. Our commitment has translated into a corporate Environmental Policy, which is supported by management processes and applied throughout our organization.

Environmental Management System – A Proactive Approach

Our environmental management system is a valuable asset when dealing with environmental matters. We make safeguarding the environment an integral part of our management processes, so that we may successfully carry out our mining activities while effectively dealing with any environmental challenges that may arise.

Our environmental management system is audited regularly by a third party to ensure effectiveness and compliance. These comprehensive external audits take into consideration all aspects of the physical, biological and human environments, and ensuing recommendations drive our continuous improvement processes. As a result, we improve our knowledge and understanding of the issues at hand, as well as maintain our commitment to respect the environment.

Responsible Water Resource Management

Water is a vital resource and water management is one of the most significant environmental and operational issues facing the mining industry. SEMAFO is committed to prudent and responsible water usage as a means to reduce our vulnerability in terms of this resource. We educate our employees to prevent waste, we systematically monitor our consumption and we use innovative water treatment processes. We foster prudent water usage, we strive to achieve the highest recycling rate possible, and we maintain consumption at a minimum.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change

Mining and processing minerals is an energy intensive process. Greenhouse gas emissions are a direct result of fuel used to power our mining fleet and equipment, and for on-site electricity generation.

In keeping with our commitment to minimize our environmental footprint, we sensitize employees and subcontractors to the importance of optimal energy usage.

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