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Our experienced and dedicated team is a key component to the success of our organization and enables us to face the many challenges of our industry. With the support of our workforce, SEMAFO continues to position itself as an employer of choice. Each day, our employees' and subcontractors' exceptional efforts are a testament to their confidence in the organization. Our recruitment initiatives remain focused on hiring and training local workers as part of our commitment to promote positive change and improve their quality of life. We continue to encourage our employees' commitment to sustainable development and to integrate the associated principles in the management of human capital, while favouring a culture of recognition and excellence.

Attract, Retain, Engage

SEMAFO aspires to continue to be recognized as an employer of choice in Burkina Faso. Through specialized training, as well as competitive wages and benefits, we contribute to the prosperity of our workforce and the communities neighbouring our mines. Members of SEMAFO's senior management team make it a priority to frequently visit our sites to make presentations and share information regarding the Corporation's strategic direction.

Focus on Developing Local Talent

The Burkina Faso Mining Convention requires that foreign investors train and develop national staff to eventually assume positions traditionally held by expatriate employees. We have been very active in this regard and we continue to develop and implement our job nationalization program. The selection of candidates is based on criteria such as leadership, expertise and skills as well as the level of learning and individual development.

The job nationalization program favors promotion from within and avails employees to improved working conditions and positions of increasing responsibility. In parallel to the nationalization program, employees have the opportunity to improved working conditions by applying internally for positions with a superior classification or promotion to a supervisory role.

Sustainable Development Awareness

Communication is one of the main tenets of our approach and our commitment to sustainable development. Among the many initiatives in this regard, our strategy includes an awareness component aimed at encouraging all employees to become champions of the sustainable development. In fact, understanding the concept of sustainable development and the stakes involved is fundamental to its effective integration into our day-to-day operations.

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