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Corporate Responsibility

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Host-Country Economies


SEMAFO's approach is to partner with communities, governments and other mining industry stakeholders so that our host countries, including the communities neighboring our mines, may benefit from our activities. This value creation extends to all our stakeholders, from governments to investors. We rigorously manage our relationships with communities in order to foster social acceptability for all of our projects, and conduct ourselves with the utmost respect for human rights. Our humanitarian mission is a catalyst for sustainable community development.

Listening to the Communities

Candid relationships with community representatives help to strengthen our partnerships with municipalities. We also have a number of processes in place to help ensure that we remain attuned to the needs of neighboring communities. Through these relationships, we foster the social acceptability of our projects.

Outreach Development

In keeping with our desire to create an environment conducive to the improvement of lives and livelihoods of people in the countries in which we operate, we developed, funded and implemented a radio program called "Together for a better society" (see excerpts below). Radio programs were developed in collaboration with various partners, such as government officials and representatives from different ministries, as well as both national and international associations and NGOs that outreach development in Burkina Faso.

Fondation SEMAFO

Fondation SEMAFO’s success stems from its ability to identify the real and immediate needs of its target population: access to quality primary education, health care, basic needs such as water and electricity, as well as access to income-generating projects to help the population to become autonomous and to improve their quality of life.

Together for a better society, a radio program aimed at raising awareness.

Violence against women
Tourism in Burkina Faso
Off-season crop


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